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A spectrum of our specialty, other than allergy/asthma, is clinical immunology. This mainly deals with a set of problems termed Primary Immune Deficiency. Some primary immune deficiencies can occur in 1/500 individuals. These can be suspected in patients who have more than their share of typical infections such as chronic sinus problems and bronchitis. Frequent episodes of pneumonia and more severe infectious such as sepsis (blood infection) and deep organ infections can also lead to an evaluation for these problems.

Our clinic has extensive experience in evaluating patients with frequent infections as well as treating patients with primary immune deficiencies. There are some patients who may have rare forms of primary immune deficiency. We have good relationships with colleagues at academic medical centers that can be of assistance with these difficult and rare problems.

White blood cells, which are the main composition of the immune system, work hard in our bodies to defend against attacks by “foreign” invaders including germs, bacteria and fungi. Proteins that are produced in response to infection or immunization to help fight infections are call antibodies. When these cells or proteins are faulty or missing, repeated infections can occur. Most hereditary immunodeficiency disorders will occur in infancy, however some deficiencies may appear in older children or adults. Often times, these deficiencies may occur when the immune system is compromised from environmental factors.

Our team of certified specialists will help diagnose and formulate a treatment plan for immunodeficiency diseases. Schedule an appointment today if you experience any of the following symptoms: 

  • Recurrent, unusual or difficult to treat infections
  • Poor growth or loss of weight
  • Recurrent pneumonia, ear infections or sinusitis
  • Multiple courses of antibiotics or IV antibiotics necessary to clear infections
  • Recurrent deep abscesses of the organs or skin
  • A family history of Primary Immunodeficiency Disease 
  • Swollen lymph glands or an enlarged spleen